Dirt Bike Carriers

If your car, truck, or van has a hitch you can now transport your Dirt Bike easily and economically! Our carriers are designed to give you the biggest bang for the buck!  Fuel efficiency is up to 40% better than towing a trailer!

dirt bike thumb 1
Dirt Bike Loaded on carrier, state tag moved in full view

Dirt Bike Full View

Scooter Or Small road bike Carrier
Scooter Or Small road bike Carrier
dirt bike thumb 1
With Tow Lights
Dirt bike model with 2 horizontal stabilizers, towing lights

Typical Pricing

• Standard Carrier: 3C6-19-S (R642 optional loading ramp)
Class 3 hitch, 6" wide tray x 80" long Front wheel tie down, stabilizer bar,
and available loading ramp storage on carrier. Anti-wobble device is included.
• With loading ramp sold separately. Maximum capacity: 500 lbs. $299.00
• As shown (top left thumbnail): $330 with 6"x 42" long loading ramp.  
Shipped or local pickup

• Scooter Or Small road bike Carrier Model: 2E6-72-S R42
Class 2 or 2.5 minimum hitch required, 6" wide tray x 72" long. 14" to 19" adjustable dimension from center of Receiver pin to center of tray. Can handle scooters or small motorcycles with up to 75" long includes front wheel chock, front tie down bar, vertical stabilizer bar, anti-wobble feature at hitch connection & 6" wide x 42" long loading ramp. Ramp stores on the carrier and no tools required to load ramp or store All steel, welded construction! Carrier rated for 400 lb. payload: $345  Shipped or local pickup

• Custom Carrier 3C6-19-S R642 MTL
Two horizontal stabilizers and magnetic towing lights Class 3 hitch, 6" x 78" long tray, Front and rear wheel tie-downs and stabilizer. Loading ramp mounts on carrier. Maximum capacity: 500 lbs. $365.00
Shipped or local pickup