Motorcycle Carriers Fuel & Toll Savings


This can vary widely depending on the towing vehicle, weight of the trailer and driving conditions (i.e. speed, grade, and wind conditions). Most studies conclude single axle trailers can reduce vehicle mileage from 20-35%. The lighter trailers (i.e. snowmobile type) will likely reduce mileage about 25% under normal driving conditions.

On a study performed in June of 2007, I observed a 3.3% reduction in fuel economy with a cycle carrier. The loaded carriers weight on the vehicle was 290 lbs. total and the vehicle was an
2002 Chrysler Town and Country (3.3 liter engine). The conditions were relatively flat grade,
low-moderate wind conditions and highway driving with average speeds of about 75mph. 

Method of measuring mileage: a 150 mile trip was made without the cycle and then on the second leg of the trip, the KDX200 and carrier was added for a 135 mile leg. In both cases the vans fuel tank was full prior to the trip and filled up at the conclusion of each leg of the trip to calculate mileage. The vehicle had the fuel economy instrument option and corroborated the fuel usage to within 0.5%.


This can vary widely but in general with a trailer.
Additional axles will cost you at least $3.00 an axle per bridge crossing.
Up to $25 can be saved per 200 miles of Turnpike.

The savings can be considerable if you have a multi-axle trailer and utilize toll bridges to travel to all of your rides.

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