Road Bike Carriers

If your car, truck, or van has a hitch you can now transport your Motorcycle easily and economically! Our carriers are designed to give you the biggest bang for the buck! And, fuel efficiency is up to 40% better than towing.

dirt bike thumb 1
Motorcycle Loaded carrier with loading ramp shown

Dirt Bike Full View

dirt bike thumb 1
The Carrier Shown alone, with ramp & stabilizer bar attached
dirt bike thumb 1
Larger Road Bikes
BMW1100T shown

Typical Pricing

• Standard Road Bike Carrier: 3CD8-19-2S-R860
For road bikes up to 900 lbs. Class 4 hitch with reinforcement side supports.
900 lbs. capacity, 8" wide tray X 80" long with brackets, front tie down bar, and
Two (twin) vertical stabilizer bars. Includes 48" long loading ramp. $510.00
Shipped or local pickup